The worldwide monitoring system

SI.MO.NE. app makes the remote control of gensets easier using your Android smartphone.

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Control, track and manage your fleet of gensets

Your smartphone is the instrument able to give you the required information concerning the status, position, alarms of your gensets.

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Innovation, flexibility and reliability

Monitor several and different genset controllers on the markets using just one tool.

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Several applications under control

Gensets (recommended for fleet of rental gensets) Towers lightings Telecom stations (genset, batteries, etc…) Solar and Eolic plants Tanks UPS stations (Datacenter, hospitals,…)

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User-friendly system

With just one touch SI.MO.NE gives the possibility to check the status of multiple plants. You can check if the engines are working and if any warning is occured. Additional details (voltages, currents, fuel level, battery status), are listed in addition to all the events for each gensets.

Antitheft Solution:
Plants under control

Would you like to be advised if your genset is moved?
An automatic tool immediately advises you if your genset, vehicle, tank... is moved from the set position.
It’s your safety solution against thefts.
Using the map available in SI.MO.NE., you are aware of the tracking and the position of each unit.

Ideal solution for a cost saving maintenance

Complete diagnostic system with the detail of the engine & alternator status and measurements.
Effective tool for an efficient maintenance management.

Useful report for rental applications

Recap of the energy and alarms occurred in a selected period. Graphics reports available too.

Centralised monitoring software for several and different brands of genset controllers

One software able to gather data coming from different types of genset controllers.

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To find out all the amazing possibilities that SI.MO.NE. can give to you, don’t forget to check our website. Read the QR code with your smartphone or click on that and you’ll be there right now.

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Screenshots Here some screenshot of the app at work.


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